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Crystals and gems – Frozen ice from heaven; fragile yet strong; as water yet solid; hidden from gaze but a sight to behold!

Hello and welcome to Crystals & Gems. We hope this site will serve as an info, guide, and resource site on all aspects of crystals, gemstones, and crystal jewelry buying and usage. Feel free to browse our site.

Why should you get a crystal for yourself? Although there are many good answers to that question, but there is only really one answer. Crystals are here to serve our needs!

Crystals and gems have been used and appreciated from time immemorial since the first humans walked the earth. As well as providing an endless source of fascination in their natural born beauty and luster, crystals are able to serve as adornments not only for our bodies, but also for our minds as well.

We truly believe that crystals and gems can play a useful role in enhancing our lives by the myriad of ways they can be used, such as in jewelry, mind, and body healing. Even gazing at crystals appears to ease stress. There are many who believe that crystals and gems possess meditative and metaphysical characteristics and use them in personal development, soul and body work.

tibetan-salt-crystals.jpg Crystals appear to promote the well-being and health of the mental, spiritual, and physical bodies, by means of their ability to conduct electromagnetic currents and balance them up. This is especially true of the quartz crystals, which possess very efficient electrical conductivity, and is a feature on just about every clock, TV, PC, and gadget known.

If you have been wondering about buying a crystal or gemstone for your own needs, there is no better time to start than now. Wearing or carrying a crystal or gemstone close to you will start you on a never ending journey of inward and outward discovery, and you might just develop a rare friendship with the vast mineral kingdom and all its secrets that is as addictive as it is compelling!

My amethyst cluster

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