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Labradorite – A very unique type of gemstone

Labradorite is a type of anorthite (plagioclase feldspar) mineral under the feldspar group, which crystallizes as either small grains, tabular crystals, or masses. It is frequently found as twins (two crystals joined together). The mineral composition of labradorite is a complex molecular bond of sodium, calcium, and aluminum silicates. – (Na,Ca)AlSi3O8
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The metaphysical science behind quartz crystal jewelry

This entry is an introduction about quartz crystal jewelry. It’s not quite related to the general wearing and usage of jewelry per se, but more to do with using or fashioning natural quartz crystals into pendants, bracelets, headbands, or even amulets. Among the various crystals, quartz makes for fine jewelry, and can certainly be fashioned ala DIY. The purpose of using quartz as outlined here, is mainly for its metaphysical properties, more than for adornment purposes. Yet, quartz is still as beautiful as any other gemstone. Brief history The powers of crystals are often utilized by the means of wearing
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