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Topaz – The cool gemstone

Topaz is a crystal whose attributes have long been appreciated for thousands of years. The topaz has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, which exceeds that of quartz; in fact, it is the hardest of the silicate minerals, with a chemical formula of Al2SiO4(F,OH)2. When polished, the gold color of topaz is virtually indistinguishable from citrine, the golden variety of quartz. Topaz is quite fragile if dropped (cracks easily), and has a vitreous luster with a range of colors which can be altered depending on the treatment applied. It is highly amenable to color change. Location Topaz is
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Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are famous throughout history as the magical tools of wizardry in countless tales of lore. Most of us have probably heard of crystal wands from fairy tales. You wouldn’t think that crystal wands existed naturally would you? But they do, in fact. Natural quartz crystal wands that exist in the exact shape and likeness of wands are quite rare, but they do exist – as prized, rare specimens of the crystal world. I used to possess a crystal wand that was about 5 inches long, but unfortunately, it has disappeared from my collection inexplicably. The wand was exquisite
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The Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are in the limelight once again, because of the latest Indiana Jones movie. Currently, crystal skulls are again at the center of a lot of controversy because of all the claims made about, and against them. Are crystal skulls really what they are claimed to be, or just stories of fancy? Logically speaking, it is a natural thing for man to carve quartz or any suitable mineral into the likeness of a human skull, and there is no reason to believe that early man could not, or would not do something like this. There are countless artifacts from
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