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Recharging yourself with crystals

Crystals are good for recharging yourself when you feel down. In this segment, we will look at some of the ways crystals can be used to reenergize and revitalize oneself. One of the organs in our body that respond to crystals is the thymus. This is an organ about 15 cm down from the throat, somewhere at the center of the chest, or sternum. Some of you may know this as the location of the heart chakra. In alternative healing practice, the thymus is considered to be the seat of the soul. Other beliefs call the thymus the seat of
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Metaphysical properties of rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of my favorite crystals for a few good reasons. The pink color is thought to be derived from the presence of small amounts of iron or manganese in the mineral, although some new research has speculated the pink color could be due to tiny fibers of another mineral, possibly dumortierite . Certain rose quartz may exhibit asterism or a star-like pattern if cut and polished in a cabochon, which is caused by tiny rutile needles within it. Such rose quartz is called star rose quartz and this phenomenon has added significance to its metaphysical properties. For
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