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Phantom quartz

Phantom quartz crystals are quartz crystals that have another crystal within, giving the appearance of a “phantom” crystal inside. The phantom crystal is often another crystal that has other mineral inclusions, usually deposited on its surface. At some point during the crystal’s development, there was a pause in its growth, and another mineral was deposited on the crystal’s surface. After that, conditions became favorable for its growth, and the crystal continued to develop again. The deposited mineral is usually an opaque mineral, and therefore, shows up prominently within the crystal, although there are also instances where there are no secondary
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Biomagnetic Therapy

Perhaps you have heard of the term, “Biomagnetic Therapy”. But what exactly does it mean? Biomagnetic therapy is a broad term to denote the practice of using magnets (often as jewelry) to heal or to enhance overall health, while limiting or mitigating exposure to electromagnetic fields/waves. Why I have included them on this website is simply due to their similarity with the practice of using/wearing crystals for healing and therapeutic applications.
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