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Pendant Jewelry

Derived from the Latin word ‘Pendere’ meaning ‘to hang down’, a pendant (aka; heart chakra), is an ornamental element that is suspended through another piece of jewelry worn around the neck. A pendant is an ornament that is suspended from another piece of jewelry such as a necklace, chain, or a thread with a loop, usually made to be detachable, so that it can be used with different necklaces or with a pin- back to be worn as a brooch. Pendants are believed to be one of the earliest forms of bodily adornment carrying ornamental, protective, and devotional or religious
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The Basic Process of Gemstone Faceting and Commonly Used Terms

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have always used crystals as jewelry. Carnelian and rock crystal beads dating from around 6000 B.C. have been excavated in Iraq. During 2500 B.C. a gemstone trade flourished in Rome, Egypt, Greece, and China. Diamonds gained popularity in India from 800 B.C. and were cherished as talismans. Throughout history, various technologies evolved around the world to polish, cut, and drill stones. It is believed by 1000 BC, the art of faceting stones were already quite advanced in the Indian subcontinent. Crystal jewelry normally consists of stones that are very hard on the Mohs scale
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