Anklets: An anklet (aka; ankle chain, ankle bracelet, ankle string) is an ornament worn around the ankle. Made of different materials such as crystals, gold, silver, leather, nylon, plastic, etc., anklets are available in varied designs. From time to time, anklets are also joined with a chain to give it a feminine appeal. Across the globe, different cultures have worn anklets for thousands of years – sometimes for a significant reason, or for ornamental beauty.

History: The history of anklets can be traced back from ancient times. During the excavation of Sumerian (civilisation from southernmost region of Mesopotamia of around 4500 years ago) tombs, evidences of early anklet wearers were discovered. A series of ankle bracelets made from different metals and stones have been identified.

In ancient Egypt, anklets were symbolic of the social status of a woman. Wearing a gold or silver anklet with precious stones was considered only by the elite class women, whereas lower class women were often seen wearing anklets made of leather or metal.

Anklets were most commonly preferred in ancient India, indicating the marital status of a woman. Indians are known for wearing anklets as jewelry going back centuries, which is evident from their literature and arts. Largely associated to feminism, anklets – commonly known as ‘paayals’ are very popular, especially during the birth of a girl child or during marriages. Precious and complex anklets form an integral part of Indian bridal jewellery.


Anklet types and rules:

Anklets are available in most jewellery stores in a variety of materials and designs, with varying prices. Whereas procuring anklets is not a challenging task – wearing them might require a think on one’s part. Few types of anklets and suggestions are outlined for those aspiring to go trendy.

  • Golden Anklets: designed as a single or double thin chained, golden anklets fall in the premium category, and appear best when decorated with precious stones. These are usually designed for more mature woman, especially for formal occasions, or weddings.
  • Silver Anklets: meant for more casual occasions, silver anklets are designed for young ladies. Can be worn with summer sandals, and ideal for windy summer evening walks.
  • Beaded Anklets: beaded with monochromatic or chatoyant chains (oftentimes – with crystals), beaded anklets are a perfect match for college-going teenagers or a style-obsessed lady. Beaded chains can be paired with, or form a contrast, for beach sandals or slippers.
  • Barefoot anklets: very popular among Indian women, barefoot anklets consist of a bracelet that is fastened to the anklet and stretched to the toe finger with a ring. Ideal for those scintillating bare feet on the beach.
  • Charm Anklets: charm anklets are very popular nowadays, especially after the invasion of Pandora charms. Worn either with a name’s initial, a star, or a heart – these are often preferred to outline one’s individual personality. Charm anklets also often incorporate pieces of semi precious stones or crystals.

Anklets – Right or Left:

It is debatable whether anklets should be worn on a single foot or both, and whether the right or left foot is preferable. But like engagement rings, anklets were also once gifted by the groom and preferred to be worn on the left ankle. On the contrary, in the past, women wearing anklets on their right ankles were considered as ‘demimondaine’.

However from a religious perspective in Christianity, wearing anklets on the left ankle was considered “evil”, due to the fact that long ago, people thought the left limbs were “evil”. Nowadays, such beliefs are consigned to pure superstition.

Anklet tips:

  • Whether you’re a sporty or businesswoman – consider your own style prior to shopping for an anklet. To show off the anklet, consider casual shorts or leggings when wearing an anklet.
  • Wear anklets on well-groomed feet without calluses, or ideally with a pedicure done. You’d want to highlight your feet.
  • Wearing anklets in a professional work area could be considered ‘out of sync’, so limit them only to casual occasions, parties, or social gatherings.
  • Anklets are best showcased on bare feet, hence avoid wearing them on stockings or socks.

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