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The Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are in the limelight once again, because of the latest Indiana Jones movie. Currently, crystal skulls are again at the center of a lot of controversy because of all the claims made about, and against them. Are crystal skulls really what they are claimed to be, or just stories of fancy? Logically speaking, it is a natural thing for man to carve quartz or any suitable mineral into the likeness of a human skull, and there is no reason to believe that early man could not, or would not do something like this. There are countless artifacts from
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How do you choose a crystal?

I think it is high time to write about this most basic activity – How to choose a crystal. All aspects about using your crystal will only happen AFTER you have chosen a suitable crystal or gemstone for your needs and desires. Choosing a crystal is the first step to a lifetime filled with discovery. When it comes to choosing a crystal, you need to apply intuition and gut feeling above all else. However, this mainly applies only for personal crystals. Personal crystals are the ones you carry around with you everywhere, and which are constantly within your energy field.
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Myanmar gemstones

Myanmar or Burma, is a country in South East Asia that is ruled by a military regime and is probably more famous (in the West at least) for its abuse of human rights track record than most other places in the world. It is also one of the poorest countries in the world, economy wise. However, Myanmar is also a country steeped in a rich heritage, and equally famous (among jewelers) for its gemstones, predominantly rubies. In fact, Myanmar supplies close to 90% of the world’s rubies, and many fine sapphires, spinels, and jadeite originate from Myanmar as well. The
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