Crystal grids

Crystal grids are purposeful and specialized crystal placements corresponding to a systematic pattern, utilizing several crystals at least. These patterns can be based on simple polygonal shapes or even certain sacred geometry symbols.

Sacred geometry is a field of study that is based on the principle that all things in the universe follow a predefined construct corresponding to their atomic or molecular vibration. These shapes and patterns can be observed in art, music, architecture, and even in the nests, shells or bones of living things. For anyone who wants to study the subject more, suffice to say, there is a lot to study within it.

No matter what the grid is shaped like, their purpose is the same – to augment each other’s energy and/or create an energy field. Crystal grids are used for a variety of purposes, such as for physical or spiritual healing, protection, meditation, and enhancing the energy vibrations in a location.

Star of David crystal gridA crystal grid can be enhanced if the crystals are programmed first. They can be programmed with positive thoughts of healing, abundance, and/or a white light symbolizing protection emanating from the crystals, and joining and interlocking with other crystals within the grid.

A simple grid for protection can be setup around a house, by simply burying the crystals at the four corners of the house with their points facing upward, or placing them with their points facing outward.

The crystals can be embedded with programs for the highest good of all living beings within the energy field and/or to repel unwanted energies (like burglars) acting like a metaphysical firewall. The crystals should be cleansed from time to time (like once a month) because they may accumulate negative energies.

In the garden, crystals can also be buried in a grid formation, around flower beds or trees. Plants and trees have been observed to grow stronger and healthier when they are grown within a crystal grid. All these benefits of crystals have been observed with orgonite too. Orgonite has been buried in gardens and a noticeable difference in the plants has been observed. Plants have grown larger and lusher, while vegetable or fruit produce has increased.

Crystal grid
One of the more detrimental agents of negative energy comes from cell phone masts, electrical pylons, and power plants. These emit EMF (electromagnetic field frequencies) which affects many living things negatively. Cell phone masts have been blamed as one of the culprits of colony collapse disorder (CCD) in honeybees, as well as cancer in humans. Gridding your home with crystals or orgonite (tower busters) can help to ward off these negative energies by setting up an invisible force field.

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