Crystal Jewelry

Crystals have been worn as jewelry for a very long time. Precious and semi-precious stones were always chosen as suitable for crystal jewelry. Ancient civilizations like Egyptian, Mayan, Sumerian and Phoenician civilizations all extolled the wearing of crystals as jewelry. The tradition of wearing crystal jewelry is still alive today, albeit very watered down. Lots of people today wear jewelry made of precious or semi-precious crystals without realizing the significance.

Some of the ways crystals can be worn include as rings, bracelets, ankle bracelets, pendants, or around the head. Almost any kind of crystal is suitable for jewelry as long as it is durable. The science behind the wearing of crystals as jewelry can be explained by the relationship between our skin and the crystal when they come into contact with each other. The crystal jewelry gets continuously charged from the heat emanating from the body, which keeps its electrons constantly in an excited state. If the crystal is already programmed, those vibrating electrons will also release its program constantly.

crystal earringsWe in turn, absorb the crystal’s released energy to improve our energy field, and increase our vitality and increase our psychic senses. This helps us to have a better disposition, which in turn also improves our “luck.” Some crystal experts believe it takes about 15 days for the energy interaction between our beings and the crystal jewelry we are wearing to synchronize fully.

Crystal rings

A crystal ring increases the energy being emitted from the crystal. A Reiki healer who often uses his/her right hand to heal will find that a crystal ring placed on the right hand will amplify his/her healing energy. If the person is right handed and the left hand is weaker, wearing a ring in the left hand will help to balance the weaker energy there.

Crystal bracelets

The wrist is where you measure your pulse. In the metaphysical sense, it is connected to the heart chakra. So, if you wear a crystal bracelet, it should increase the ability of your heart chakra to love and to receive love, and improve blood circulation. That is why magnetic bracelets are believed to help improve blood circulation. If you feel one side of your body is weaker, wearing a crystal bracelet on that side can improve the strength of the weaker side.

Ankle bracelets on the other hand, can help to ground a person to the earth, and improve the health of the lower chakras – The root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

jasper necklaceCrystal earrings

Crystal earrings worn on both ears help to maintain the body’s energy balance once it has been achieved on both left/right sides. From a metaphysical standpoint, wearing crystal earrings can help you to open up and listen to the real meaning behind what is being said and left unsaid. Likewise, ear problems that don’t have any diagnosis may be attributed to not listening to others or oneself.

Crystal necklaces

A crystal necklace can help to clear blockages and stimulate confidence in expressing oneself, as well as sooth and clear up throat ailments. Crystal necklaces are often made up of a string of beaded stones or just a single stone which should be worn touching the throat chakra area. The crystal used should be well polished and small enough so as not to cause discomfort.

Crystal pendants

Wearing a crystal pendant will help one to bring balance between our lower, physical side, and our higher, spiritual side, seeing that the heart chakra is the middle chakra between both aspects. The pendant helps one to give and receive love, as well as acting as an auric shield. If wearing a quartz crystal, get a double terminated crystal to achieve good balance, but if you need more grounding, a single termination crystal pointing down will help; vice versa if one needs to become more spiritual. The chain can be either gold or silver.

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