Hematite bracelets and their properties

Hematite is the crystallized version of the mineral iron oxide (Fe2O3). It is one of the most common minerals in the world, and its weathered form is found in many types of rocks and soil. The color of this mineral ranges from black, grey, to brown, or red, and they all have a metallic sheen to them. The crystallized form is in the rhombohedral formation. Technically, it is not really a crystal, but a mineral.

Historically, hematite is known as a stone for the mind. It assists in enhancing memory and logic, while providing grounding at the same time. It enhances calmness and stability for the nervous system and is a good stone to have when making decisions.

This mineral is used in the making of hematite jewelry, such as hematite bracelets, which are very cheap. Nowadays, hematite is mistakenly marketed as “magnetic”, but they are not magnetic by default. The man-made ones are made magnetic by heating up and cooling down the hematite while it is attached to a powerful magnet. This is unnatural, and I would consider it a marketing gimmick.

hematite bracelet

It is debatable whether “magnetic” hematite bracelets offer real, health benefits, but some people believe and claim that they do. Of course, one way to find out if hematite bracelets (magnetic or not) are of any use in enhancing health, is to wear one for yourself.

The difference between “natural” and “man-made”

As described above, the magnetic ones are man-made, and attract metals to them. If scratched, they are still grey within. The natural ones do not have any magnetic properties (actually they possess very slight magnetic qualities), and if scratched, reveal a reddish-brown color underneath the shiny veneer.

hematite bracelet

Health benefits of wearing hematite bracelets

The main reason hematite bracelets are worn is to improve blood quality and circulation, and assist the body to find balance in all aspects, such as with the functioning of the glands, and the parasympathetic nervous system.

hematite bracelet worn In my case, I wore a hematite bracelet for over one week, but due to the generally good state of my health, I did not feel it doing anything much except for a slight blood-tonifying effect, as well as calming my mind and aiding in mental work, such as writing, and calculation.

Indeed, hematite helps to provide clarity for the mind, and aids one in sleeping longer. I find that I could remain asleep slightly longer with a hematite bracelet on. However, it’s recommended that one regularly change hands when wearing a hematite bracelet; e.g. from left hand to right hand and back. This is to ensure neither halve (left/right) of the body gets overtly stimulated (resulting in lesser balance to ones equilibrium). Now there are hematite pendants as well, if you prefer these instead of having a bracelet on all the time.

Hematite has been historically used by others to assist with blood disorders like anemia and leukemia, calm down nervous states, and promote sleep. Some believe that wearing hematite improves arthritic conditions. It has also been used to help with leg cramps and bone fractures.

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