Phantom quartz

Phantom quartz crystals are quartz crystals that have another crystal within, giving the appearance of a “phantom” crystal inside. The phantom crystal is often another crystal that has other mineral inclusions, usually deposited on its surface. At some point during the crystal’s development, there was a pause in its growth, and another mineral was deposited on the crystal’s surface. After that, conditions became favorable for its growth, and the crystal continued to develop again.

The deposited mineral is usually an opaque mineral, and therefore, shows up prominently within the crystal, although there are also instances where there are no secondary minerals present; but you can almost always make out the outline though. Often, multiple phantoms will be apparent in just one crystal, denoting a staggered development in stages. Many of them look striking, with ascending pyramids inside.

Phantom crystals are by no means restricted to quartz and can readily be found in other minerals as well, although these have to be transparent or translucent in some way. Some gemstones that are known to have had phantoms inside them include opal, calcite, aquamarine, fluorite, and topaz

Phantom quartz metaphysical meanings

Phantom quartz are very common, popular in crystal shops, and therefore, easily available. But what do they signify, from the metaphysical point of view? They signify evolution of the being. On a personal level, a phantom quartz crystal represents phases in one’s life where one is called to grow and evolve. Phantom crystals can also signify past lives, and have been used in meditation to access and view past incarnations.

phantom quartz

Above: A phantom quartz crystal containing chlorite.

Often, the mineral inclusions in phantom quartz crystals resemble hills, mountains, and the greenery of earth; thus phantom crystals can provide a link between you and the earth.

Right now, is a crucial period when the earth is hurting, and many of the earth’s environments are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate; phantom quartz can play a part in the healing process for our earth, by helping one into tuning into the earth – and listening/connecting. These crystals are the best types for outdoor grid planting, or to establish a telepathic link with a certain peaceful location, and also for the garden.

Phantom crystals have the additional properties of the mineral inclusions contained within. One of the most common inclusions seen in most phantom quartz is that of chlorite. Those powdery greenish, brownish, or greyish inclusions seen in most phantom quartz crystals are most often chlorite.

The chlorite and quartz combination makes for an effective healing crystal, since chlorite is widely believed to be an effective healing mineral- and now it is combined with quartz. Chlorite phantom crystals have been used to remove toxins from the body, aid in the assimilation of nutrients, and improve the function of the liver.

quartz crystal with phantom

One of my clear quartz crystals with a very clearly defined chlorite white phantom inside.

A rarer variety of phantom quartz is the amethyst phantom quartz crystal. These can either be a phantom which shows up as a violet phantom within a clear quartz crystal, or an amethyst crystal with a twin within. Amethyst phantom crystals have been used to recall past lives, and help one to attain higher spiritual states. They are good for sleeping problems and dream recall.

Another good healing combination is the hematite phantom quartz crystal. These hematite inclusions are reddish in color and contain the properties of hematite and quartz in synergy. Hematite quartz crystals are used for poor blood circulation, blood disorders like anemia, and disorders of the nervous system.

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