Possible side effects of using crystals

Crystal energy is real, and for some people, they may experience some side effects after being in contact with them, or when working with their energies. In the mineralogical kingdom, quartz crystals (SiO2) are considered to be amongst the strongest conductors of metaphysical energy. Certain side effects could be experienced with crystals, most noticeably with quartz crystals.

You should become familiar with, and prepared for any possible side effects of working with crystals, whether on others, or on yourself. Some possible side effects that are mainly associated with quartz crystals are:


Sometimes, overexposure to crystals may result in an upset stomach or diarrhea. The person may not be ready to handle the influx of quartz energy yet. If you feel the crystal is too large, downsize to a smaller one or use it for a lesser time period in a day. Sometimes, the problem could be due to a crystal healing arrangement that resulted in an overdose of incoming energy, or because of using a too high a conductive metal as in crystal jewelry.

Energy tingles

During crystal healing, you may experience energy tingles that feel like small “pins and needles” happening at random spots on the body. You may also experience hot and cold flushes alternating between each other. These are all signs that the body is experiencing energy fluxes and trying to correct the holes in the etheric body that require meshing up. If these experiences get too much, remove the crystal(s) until the next time.


Headaches are common side effects that happen because the energy from the crystal is getting modulated with the energies of the brain that have their seat in the pineal gland. The combination of the pituitary and pineal gland powers the Third Eye, the sixth sense that is getting stimulation from the crystal energies passing through it. If your Third Eye has been dormant all this while, than a sudden stimulation from a crystal could cause a headache. It should be taken positively to mean that the energies in the brain are now finally getting stimulated, but prudence is advised. The crystal(s) causing the headache should of course be removed, until tolerance has been built via gradual assimilation.

Emotional swings

Crystals may cause emotional reactions that can be quite unpredictable. Crying, laughing, and euphoria are some of the emotional reactions that have been observed in people undergoing crystal healing. This is due to the negative emotional baggage that many of us carry from childhood, which are now suddenly being worked upon by crystal energy. As they are being dissolved, people commonly report feeling emotional swings.


Another reaction especially after a healing session with crystals is feeling light headed or dizzy. If the person has been lying down throughout the entire session, sit up gradually and avoid standing until the lightheadedness has passed.

Take everything gradually…

You may also feel increased sensitivity to certain external stimuli such as TV programs or songs. Certain elements in the media or sounds/smells/pictures may trigger long lost memories from childhood, and may not be welcomed. Therefore, care should always be exercised to ensure the healing process is gradual and tolerable at all times. Healing should never be rushed.

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