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Amethyst Crystal Pendant


Amethyst crystal pendant to be worn as jewelry. Amethyst is popular gemstone worldwide that needs no introduction. These are genuine amethyst crystals faceted into small pendants. Beautiful finishing and polished to ensure it rests comfortably around your neck when worn with a necklace. With FREE SHIPPING.

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  • The pendant (including crystal) measures approx. 40-43mm (may vary)
  • Crystal stone width approx. 8-10mm (may vary)
  • Crystal length approx. 35mm (may vary)
  • The amethyst pendant alone weighs approx. 4 grams (may vary)
  • The amethyst pendant plus necklace weighs approx. 7 grams (may vary)
  • The pendant metal is composed of platinum plated zinc alloy
  • The necklace is approx. 51 cm in total length.

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