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Ammonite Fossil Earrings


These natural ammonite conch fossil hook earrings are great to wear as jewelry. Each one is different from the other, so every piece you buy is a totally unique fossil conch on its own accord!

What are ammonites? Ammonites are the mollusks that once lived abundantly in the oceans of the world, millions of years ago. They are related to the nautilus mollusks of today. Wearing pieces of ammonite fossil jewelry is said to enhance one’s own personal wealth luck. And these ammonite fossils make for a great gift as well as fashion statement! FREE SHIPPING

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  • A trendy and stylish earring type
  • Each natural fossil conch is uniquely different
  • Ammonite Conch Thickness: 5 – 8 mm (May vary)
  • Ammonite Conch Width: 25 – 33 mm (May vary)
  • Ammonite Conch Length: 28 – 35 mm (May vary)
  • Each ammonite earring weighs approx. 8 – 13 g (May vary)
  • Each conch is encased in a sterling silver plated metal alloy attached to a hook earring