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Black Tourmaline Pendant


Black tourmaline is well known everywhere as a strong protector against negative energy. Now you can also obtain such protective qualities with this black tourmaline pendant. Composed of 100% natural black tourmaline crystal with a gold plated brass clasp that can easily be hooked up to a necklace of your choice. With FREE SHIPPING.

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  • A gold plated brass clasp is melded to one end of each tourmaline crystal piece
  • Pendant weighs approximately 33g or 1.15oz (will vary due to differing sizes)
  • Pendants measure approximately 43 x 20 x 19 mm, or 1.7 x 0.78 x 0.74 inches (will vary due to differing sizes)
  • The clasp eye measures approximately 0.23 inches or 6 mm in diameter