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Clear Quartz Wands (small)


These are small, natural clear quartz crystal wands. These quartz crystals are sold per lot of 100g each. Each lot may have about 12-20 small wands. The wands are only lightly polished, but otherwise are rough and retain their original form. You can place them in a small cloth bag and place them anywhere in your house or use as you see fit. FREE SHIPPING (while stocks last).

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  • Each lot is 100g or 3.5 ounces, and will contain anywhere from 12-20 crystal wands.
  • The crystals have been broken off from their original cluster and undergone light polishing.
  • Coloration may vary from clear to slightly opaque white.
  • The size varies quite a bit; the crystals are generally 30-60mm (1.2-2.4 inches) in length (approximately).