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malachite tumbled pieces

Malachite Tumbled Polished Pieces (100g per lot)

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Malachite is a green mineral that has been used extensively by humans for a very long time. The color is predominantly green with beautiful markings and bands that reveal themselves when the stone is cut and polished.

Malachite has excellent properties for the heart chakra. For men, it’s a good alternative for rose quartz (also another heart chakra stone). Now you can own some tumbled polished pieces of malachite – 100g (3.5 ounces) of irregular-sized polished pieces are included per lot. FREE SHIPPING.

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  • 100g small tumbled polished pieces of malachite per lot (weight and dimensions per piece will vary)
  • Average size of the nuggets vary greatly, normally between 10mm-30mm (0.39 inches – 1.2 inches) in length
  • Weight per lot is approximately 100g (3.5 oz)
  • Put these in a small pouch bag to place, or carry anywhere