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Rough Black Tourmaline Pieces (Small)


These are small, rough, black tourmaline crystal pieces that have been broken off from a larger mass. Black tourmaline is one of the most popular varieties of tourmaline and is traditionally regarded as a superb grounding and protective stone. These natural black tourmaline rough pieces are sold per lot of 100g each. You can place them in a small cloth bag and then place them anywhere in your house or use as you see fit. FREE SHIPPING (while stocks last).

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  • Each lot is approximately 100g or 3.5 ounces, and will contain multiple pieces of black tourmaline.
  • The crystal pieces are rough and unpolished.
  • The crystal pieces may have tiny inclusions¬† or trace elements of other minerals, such as hematite.
  • These crystal pieces have all been broken off from a larger mass, prior.
  • Coloration may vary from very black to a slightly lighter shade.
  • The sizes obviously vary quite a bit, but are usually 15mm – 45mm (or 0.60 inches – 1.77 inches) in length.