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Tiger’s Eye Pendant


Tiger’s eye gemstone pendant to be worn as jewelry. Tiger’s eye is a semi precious stone that promotes vitality and energy. Beautiful finishing and polished to ensure it rests comfortably around your neck when worn with a necklace. With FREE SHIPPING.

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  • The pendant (including crystal) measures approx. 40-42mm (may vary)
  • Crystal stone width approx. 9-10mm (may vary)
  • Crystal stone length approx. 33-34mm (may vary)
  • The tiger’s eye pendant alone weighs approx. 4 grams (may vary)
  • The tiger’s eye pendant plus necklace weighs approx. 7 grams (may vary)
  • The pendant metal is composed of platinum plated zinc alloy
  • The necklace is approx. 51 cm in total length.

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