Quartz crystal configurations

There are many kinds of quartz crystal configurations or formations which possess specific properties unique to that configuration. While the general properties of quartz are still there, having a special configuration imbues them with some qualities of its own.

The double terminated quartz crystal is one such special formation; another is the laser wand crystal; but there are many others as well. Let’s look at some of the other ones today:

Twin quartz crystal

Twin quartz crystals are easily recognized as two or more crystals growing together both in parallel or opposing alignments to each other, and are classified as penetration or contact twins. The penetration twins are called Japan Law twin crystals. Twinned quartz crystals are very common, as you can see examples of them in all quartz clusters. Picture below shows a Japan Law Twin quartz crystal within a small cluster.

quartz crystal configurations twin crystal

Twin quartz crystals are useful for helping build friendships (on all levels) and helping soul mates meet each other. By soul mates, do not necessarily think this just applies for romantic soul mates, but people who have a shared purpose in this lifetime for whatever reason, can also be called soul mates.

Bridge quartz crystal

bridge-quartz-crystalBridge quartz crystals can be identified from a small crystal that is located partially in, and out, of a larger sized crystal. Example can be seen in the photo on the right showing the two smokey quartz crystals. The smokey quartz nearer to the left has a bridge crystal protruding out of itself (and it is also a twin crystal).

This crystal helps with connecting to others, or other realms, and can be used to aid with bringing forth and conveying ideas to others.

Curved quartz crystal

Curved quartz crystals looks curved because of developmental interference during its growing stage, and is a good crystal for – Alignment issues. Curved quartz crystals helps you develop flexibility in your thinking and attitudes, and helps with the alignment of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies with each other, when you feel out of joint.

I have one curved quartz crystal that also happens to have a faint “phantom” inside – Quite uncommon. The curvature is only slight as you can see below.


Phantom quartz crystal

The phantom quartz crystal is a crystal with a smaller crystal(s) inside it that are often faint but quite distinct. These phantom crystals are the evidence of a series of developments in the crystal’s history. Normally, you cannot see them in a crystal, but in phantom crystals, an impurity that covers the crystal makes these stages of its evolution appear distinct. These impurities are commonly chlorite, caledonite, or carnelian.

Phantom quartz crystals are used for past life recall and meditation. They are excellent as personal crystals.

Elestial quartz crystal

Elestial quartz crystals can be recognized by small terminations on the body or on one or all of the 6 faces of a quartz crystal. This formation is common and it is regarded as a powerful natural configuration. Some people regard elestial quartz crystals as creations from outer space.


Elestial crystals are representative of upward and positive change in life. They convey the message of life, death, and rebirth, like the phoenix that rises from the ashes. They help one to actualize one’s goals and dreams by looking within, while doing away with inhibiting ideas and the confusion that binds. The elestial crystal stabilizes erratic thought processes and expands awareness. It has been rightly called a crystal for enlightenment, and has undoubtedly a role to play in the expanding awareness of this planet we call earth.

Cactus quartz

This quartz is also known as barnacle quartz. There is a unique pale lavender variety of amethyst that was discovered relatively recently in South Africa, that is now called “Spirit Quartz”. These crystals are identified by a larger crystal being covered entirely (or partially) by numerous smaller crystals.

cactus quartz

The larger crystal is taken to represent a mentor or “old soul” which attracts “younger souls” to gather around it. Cactus quartz is excellent for anything involving group or community relationships and therefore are wonderful to have around if one is trying to improve the bonding in an organization or group of people. Such crystals are also believed to aid with fertility, as the smaller crystals attached on the surface of the larger crystal can be taken to represent lots of children!


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