Recharging yourself with crystals

Crystals are good for recharging yourself when you feel down. In this segment, we will look at some of the ways crystals can be used to reenergize and revitalize oneself. One of the organs in our body that respond to crystals is the thymus. This is an organ about 15 cm down from the throat, somewhere at the center of the chest, or sternum. Some of you may know this as the location of the heart chakra.

In alternative healing practice, the thymus is considered to be the seat of the soul. Other beliefs call the thymus the seat of wisdom in the body. If you are feeling stressed out and low on energy, holding a crystal near the thymus can be a good self-recharging technique. Wearing a small crystal pendant also has a similar effect, because the crystal rests near the thymus.

The thymus itself is an enigmatic organ that is most active during childhood, and declines after adulthood. However, mainstream medicine largely ignores the thymus, and the surgical procedure thymectomy even removes it altogether. Still, by paying attention to and regularly nourishing your thymus, you can keep it active and healthy for longer; activities like listening to good uplifting music, meditation, and crystal usage help to stimulate and keep your thymus in better shape than it normally would.

Holding a crystal close to the thymus, or placing a crystal on the thymus while lying down, or wearing a crystal pendant; doing all these has the effect of revitalizing the thymus.

Holding crystals the right wayAnother way to recharge yourself is to simply hold a crystal in your hand. For best results, hold two crystals in both your hands to allow for energy current to flow into your body and out, completing a circuit. You do this by holding a crystal pointing outwards with your right hand, and while the left hand holds another crystal pointing inwards towards your body.

If you are just using one crystal, hold the crystal with the right hand pointing outwards for a while (5 minutes), and then hold it pointing inwards with the left hand for the next 5 minutes. Alternate as needed, or a double terminated quartz crystal may be substituted in place of one.

You might wonder why it’s done this way, but the principle is simple; it is because the right hand is the “masculine” side of you, and energy flows outwards, while the left hand is considered the “feminine” representation of you, and energy flows inwards. Of course, if you are left landed, your left hand would be the “masculine” hand, and your right hand would be the “feminine” hand.

Quartz crystalAnother way to revitalize yourself is to drink crystal elixir water. The process of making your own crystalline elixir water was detailed out quite simply in this post. That way, you can directly absorb the “essence” of the crystals via drinking of the energized water. Elixir water is a good pick-me-up when you are feeling down, and regular drinking helps one in gaining a better complexion, skin, and general vitality.

NB: Note that in all the practices described above, generally, the best type of crystal to use would be quartz crystal. This is because quartz crystal is powerful yet relatively gentle, balanced and stable; both on the physical and energetic level. It is also a very good conductor of electromagnetic energy with a natural termination.

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