A look at zircon

Zircon (ZrSiO4) is a diamond-like type of mineral that crystallizes as small, double terminated crystals, but also as tabular prismatic square crystals. Zircon is a heavy, dense, mineral ranging in color from grey, brown, yellow or red, to colorless. The colorless forms of zircon is often used as synthetic diamonds, although in terms of hardness, they are similar to quartz; their hardness is only 7.5 on the Mohs scale and they are called Matura Diamonds.

Zircon is amongst the oldest of minerals on earth, and the oldest specimens found are around 4 billion years old. They have been mined for a long time since mankind found out about their gemstone qualities, being recorded in the ancient annals of India and Persia. Zircon is often regarded as the “substitute stone” these days, because people only consider zircon when they can’t obtain a real diamond!

Not related to cubic zirconia

zircon-from-ural-mountains.jpgThe popular synthetic diamond called cubic zirconia is in no way related to zircon, because cubic zirconia is composed of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), whereas zircon is zirconium silicate (ZrSiO4). The color of zircons can be altered by heat treating them; however because zircon crystals rarely exceed a few cm in length, their usage in jewelry is rather limited; zircons are more commonly found as tiny grains and mined for industrial usage, where they are much sought after for the metal zirconium.

Zircon uses

Zircon is useful for enhancing the connections between the chakras, and stimulating awareness of the god-like virtues within our beings. Zircon helps promote consistency within our characters, and also helps in mental/emotional endurance.

Zircon has been used in the treatment of bone fractures, and disorders of the central nervous system. It also is said to aid in sleeping.


Did you know zircon is amongst the most abundant of minerals in the earth? Some places where they are mined include Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Africa, Madagascar, and Ontario in Canada. In the USA, zircon is found abundantly in New York, Texas, and Colorado. Zircon is often found in the same areas as quartz deposits.

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