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Diamonds – King of the Gemstones

Diamonds are rightfully hailed as the king of the gemstones. Being the hardest material on earth (a new mineral has since been found which is harder – carmeltazite), they represent the limit of the Mohs scale at 10. Diamonds are carbon, but with a different molecular arrangement, called allotropy. This slight difference in the molecule arrangement makes all the difference in the properties of diamond. There is no natural material that can scratch a diamond, so diamonds are used in many industrial tools as cutting materials. Rarely, impurities or defects in the molecular structure can alter a diamond’s color, turning
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The 2nd most expensive diamond in history

A white diamond has become the 2nd most expensive diamond in history, when news agencies reported that an 84.37 carat diamond sold for more than 16 million dollars in an auction conducted by auction house Sothebys, in Geneva, Switzerland. Although diamonds have long been renowned for their expensive price tag, this is a recent example when a real dollar tag has been assigned to one. Some famous or infamous diamonds, which have colorful tales and a rich history, could likely fetch much more than what this diamond sold for. Many diamonds have since been valued at prices much greater than
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