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Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite is a type of multi-color fluorite that combines the properties of the various colors of fluorite in one. Normally, rainbow fluorite exists in massive form, and thus, the ones you see in crystal shops are always cut and polished ones. The colors in rainbow fluorite can range from blue, green, light grey, violet, yellow, black, and colorless. In addition to the general properties for fluorite, rainbow fluorite has additional metaphysical characteristics brought about by the various colors. The colorless portion has crown chakra stimulating properties, and it’s believed that it can assist with aligning all the chakras below
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The refreshing properties of fluorite

The fascinating mineral that is fluorite Fluorite (CaF2) is a mineral better known for its teeth protecting abilities rather than any crystalline virtues, but it does crystallize as beautiful crystals of blue, green, yellow, purple, and practically any shade from the rainbow you can think of. It is sometimes called fluorspar or simply, fluor, after the Latin word fluo, meaning “flow,” in reference to its use as a flux in industry. You’d think that the word fluorescence was originally derived from fluorite; it is true! Fluorite is actually fluorescent, but this fluorescence really depends on the mineral impurities contained within,
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