The refreshing properties of fluorite

The fascinating mineral that is fluorite

Fluorite (CaF2) is a mineral better known for its teeth protecting abilities rather than any crystalline virtues, but it does crystallize as beautiful crystals of blue, green, yellow, purple, and practically any shade from the rainbow you can think of. It is sometimes called fluorspar or simply, fluor, after the Latin word fluo, meaning “flow,” in reference to its use as a flux in industry.

You’d think that the word fluorescence was originally derived from fluorite; it is true! Fluorite is actually fluorescent, but this fluorescence really depends on the mineral impurities contained within, especially the chemical element yttrium.

Fluorite has a hardness of 4 on the Mohs scale, and care should be taken when letting it come into contact with water, since it is slightly soluble in water. Do not let it come into contact with salt water; this will ruin its appearance.

polished-fluorite-crystals.jpgThe default crystalline habit of fluorite is octahedral, but it is much more frequently found as cubic crystals, or ill defined masses. Fluorite’s chief attraction is the wide range of colors that it occurs in. Sometimes, the colors occur in multi-colored bands (Yttrian Fluorite), and other times, it is just one color type (but all are beautiful anyway).

The most beautiful fluorite has traditionally come from England (Blue John Fluorite), but the fact is, fluorite is abundant worldwide and commonly found in granite, marble, and hydrothermal veins where the rock is rich in zinc, galena, and lead. Countries with large fluorite deposits include England, Canada, USA, Austria, Germany, Australia, and Norway.

In metaphysical use

Fluorite encourages the idea of all round health, and is good crystal to use in the never ending quest for physical perfection. It’s very nature is one of order and organization, and this can be inferred from the way its beautiful octahedral crystals are formed.

Fluorite stabilizes and brings the whole being into balance, including the mind and attitude; this extends into relationships as well, helping two or more individual beings to harmonize and work together more efficiently. It refreshes and cleanses the atmosphere much like mint. That’s why, fluorite crystals are sometimes placed in office desks and boardrooms. In Feng Shui, fluorite is a good crystal besides quartz to place in locations that need “energy activation.”

rough fluorite

Rough unpolished fluorite

As a healing tool, fluorite is good as an antiseptic, and in dispelling colds and flu. In situations where cellular disorders, DNA damage (through radiation, for example) or in cases of bone fracture, fluorite has been used by alternative healers to good effect.

In jewelry, fluorite is a nice colorful quartz alternative that can easily be carved into beautiful pendants such as these or fashioned into bead bracelets, and worn all day. Its vibrant color can easily spruce up your day, anytime!

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