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Metaphysical properties of rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of my favorite crystals for a few good reasons. The pink color is thought to be derived from the presence of small amounts of iron or manganese in the mineral, although some new research has speculated the pink color could be due to tiny fibers of another mineral, possibly dumortierite . Certain rose quartz may exhibit asterism or a star-like pattern if cut and polished in a cabochon, which is caused by tiny rutile needles within it. Such rose quartz is called star rose quartz and this phenomenon has added significance to its metaphysical properties. For
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Rose quartz: Stone for the heart

Rose quartz is quite a popular member of the quartz crystal family, and people almost always wear or carry it because it stimulates the heart chakra into being more receptive to love, as well as being more able to give love. Rose quartz normally varies from a dark pink (almost flesh color) to a pale, golden white. It is often found as masses, or small grains, and only rarely, as normal quartz crystalline structures. The pink color comes about from the presence of iron, and sometimes, manganese. The more iron content it has, the more dark the pink, until it
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