Metaphysical properties of rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of my favorite crystals for a few good reasons. The pink color is thought to be derived from the presence of small amounts of iron or manganese in the mineral, although some new research has speculated the pink color could be due to tiny fibers of another mineral, possibly dumortierite .

Certain rose quartz may exhibit asterism or a star-like pattern if cut and polished in a cabochon, which is caused by tiny rutile needles within it. Such rose quartz is called star rose quartz and this phenomenon has added significance to its metaphysical properties. For one, the star symbolizes a divine force above you. When combined with the basic characteristics of rose quartz, there is an added “celestial” element to its energy.

rose quartz

One of my rose quartz crystal points. Almost all rose quartz is found as masses, and then cut and polished into specific shapes.

Overall, rose quartz is a very suitable stone to use for metaphysical work, even for people who are overly sensitive to crystal energy. The main quality of rose quartz is directed towards the heart chakra, as its pink color is perfectly suited for energy work related to emotional issues.

A rose quartz pendantThe energy of rose quartz is very soothing and gentle, making it the ideal crystal for “heart work”. Women especially, may find the crystal ideal for wearing as a pendant, but there is no reason men will not benefit from the crystal too. Carrying a chunk of rose quartz in your pocket or sleeping with a piece under your pillow can help you attune to the energy of love; be it love for oneself, or love for others. If unforgiveness is one of your challenges, rose quartz is a good stone to help you work through this issue.

Rose quartz has a number of metaphysical healing properties that translate into the physical, such as firstly, strengthening the physical heart, lungs, and blood circulation. After heart surgery, having a rose quartz around helps speed up the recovery process, while reducing the pain, post surgery. If drunk as an elixir, rose quartz stimulates a rosy and clearer complexion for the skin, while helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

Rose quartz is a “physical rejuvenator crystal” because when the heart grows healthier, so will the rest of the body, and the heart is the middle axis plane from which the rest of the body’s well being is dependent on (don’t forget the heart is the middle chakra).

rose quartz crystal point

Most rose quartz is quite opaque, and the color is a pale pink.

From my experience, holding a rose quartz polished chunk in one hand while rubbing it helps in alleviating emotional stress, although the change is subtle most of the time. The effect from rose quartz is always gentle to the point it may not even be noticed most of the time, but that is how the crystal works – In the background.

In short, if you want a stone to ease yourself into the world of using the metaphysical properties of crystals and gems, getting a rose quartz is highly recommended.

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