7 Best Crystals for Sleeping

Insomnia or sleeplessness is one of the most common maladies of our present world. Thankfully, there are some gifts from Mother Earth in the form of crystals that can help us to sleep. While individual needs may vary and certain crystals may only work for certain people, here are 7 best crystals for sleeping.

Usually, the cause of inability to get adequate sleep is due to worries and anxiety. With the prevalence of EMF radiation all around us, this problem is exacerbated. Studies have shown the detrimental effects of EMF radiation can disrupt sleep, among many other negative effects. Crystals are believed to also protect against EMF radiation.

When placed under the pillow, these crystals have traditionally been used to help people with sleeping:

amethyst 7 best crystals for sleeping

Amethyst. Very well known crystal for sleeping.


Amethyst, a purple member of the quartz family, is traditionally used to promote sleep. It is also called the stone of sobriety, and was believed to prevent drunkenness. Placed under the pillow, amethyst is also believed to help with dream recall. Not everyone feels comfortable with amethyst though, some find it too “strong” while they need a “gentler” stone. However, the good news is there are plenty of other crystals that can help with sleeping.

sodalite 7 best crystals for sleeping

Sodalite. The deep blue hues of sodalite certainly look like they can induce sleepy feelings.


Sodalite is another well-known stone for sleeping. It is believed that sodalite repels nightmares and helps you get a good night’s sleep. This is a calming stone when held, and it is believed to improve your intuition and communication, it being a blue stone which is conducive to the upper chakras. Messages while in the dream state come through easier with sodalite.

lapis lazuli 7 best crystals for sleeping

Lapis lazuli. The golden flecks differentiate it from sodalite.

Lapis Lazuli

Along with sodalite, another blue gemstone that helps with sleep is lapis lazuli. It differs from sodalite mainly due to having metallic flecks and a deep, even, and opaque blue.  This regal deep blue stone has long been revered by ancient civilizations as a stone for the higher states and the subconscious mind. Resembling a night sky decked full of stars, lapis lazuli is used to induce sleep and dream recall, while also affording psychic protection to the user.

moonstone 7 best crystals for sleeping

Moonstone. Named after the moon, this is a crystal for sleep as well.


One cannot mention crystals for insomnia and forget about moonstone. This gem has long been used to remedy insomnia, like its name would indicate. The energy of moonstone is reflective of the feminine nature the moon, gentle, balancing, and nurturing. Moonstone traditionally has been used to bring back balance to the body’s cycles. This also applies for sleep cycles, which are linked to the circadian rhythm.

jade 7 best crystals for sleeping

Jade. A calming green stone that is regarded as auspicious in the Far East.


Jade was a highly revered gemstone in ancient China and Mayan culture; it was regarded as a stone of health and wealth, and a “dream stone”. Sleeping with a piece of jade under the pillow is believed to assist with dream recall as well as the release of suppressed emotions through dreaming. The energies of jade are generally subdued as well, ideal for people with such dispositions.

celestite 7 best crystals for sleeping

Celestite. A crystal linked with dreamy celestial realms, hence its name.


Sleep revolves around the inner world taking over, while the outer world takes a short break. Our inner world is linked to higher states of consciousness, and during sleep, this state expresses itself via the dream state. Celestite is a great stone for this purpose, and has a reputation for helping with dream recall. The calming, delicate blue of celestite certainly has parallels with visions of angelic realms, which are best experienced during blissful, deep sleep. Having slept with celestite under the pillow, I can attest to its sleep-inducing qualities.

clear quartz 7 best crystals for sleeping

Clear quartz. This “universal crystal” can be used for just about anything, including – to induce sleep.

Clear Quartz

Last but not least on the list is clear quartz. Like amethyst, quartz also has qualities that promote sleeping and dreaming. Amethyst is supposed to be the “gentler” version of quartz though. But if you are fine with the energies of quartz, then clear quartz (which is universally regarded as THE crystal), should also be fine. Clear quartz emits a steady energy that is both calming and modulating towards our auric body. Thus it is highly conducive for meditation and higher states of mind. A small sized crystal that has been imbued with a calming sleep program can be placed under the pillow for a good night’s sleep.

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