How to program a crystal

Crystal programming and the Law of Attraction

You might have heard of crystal programming. And you might have wondered what the heck that is. Well, crystal programming is the stage where you may get to realize the true potential of your crystal(s) as well as your inner self. If you have heard of the Law of Attraction, then you would do well to realize that crystal programming works on very similar principles.

The book of Proverbs in the Bible says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” The Law of Attraction is based upon the principle that thoughts are things. According to Universal Law, every human being is meant to have abundance and not lack anything. But, by thinking negatively, we attract negative things and events to materialize in our lives. Likewise, it is important to realize that by thinking positively, we attract good things to materialize in our lives.

Due to cultural conditioning of society and the world at large, humans have erred by not realizing that their thoughts hold a lot of influence in shaping their circumstances. But, this principle goes much deeper than merely “thinking.” You need to “think” with the subconscious mind, and that is where crystals come in handy.

Crystals as a tool for subconscious mind work

A personal crystal (one which you carry around everywhere), can become an important tool for unlocking the hidden recesses of your mind and psyche. But, working crystals can also be programmed, such as crystals meant for healing purposes. Crystals are like computers; they are able to receive, store, and release thoughts. Actually they absorb our vibrations if we carry them around, regardless of whether we program them on purpose or not. The best crystals for conscious programming are quartz crystals.

How to program a crystal


First of all, the crystal needs to be cleansed, and then cleared of any previous thought programming, which may have been inadvertently absorbed by the crystal. After it has been cleansed in salt water, hold the crystal with the point facing up in the left hand (or in the right hand, if you’re left handed). Imagine a white beam of light flowing from your hand into the crystal and exiting at the termination point. Keep this up until you feel that the crystal has been thoroughly cleared.

Formulating a program

The program that you choose, needs to be a positive one, in line with Universal Law. Do not ever embed anything negative in the crystal, because the crystal will only amplify and release the program back at you. Choose or decide on a positive thought form that is suitable for the particular crystal.

For example, personal crystals can be programmed with thoughts of yourself in a state of happiness and well being. If you want to become better at what you do, than you can construct a thought form of yourself successfully accomplishing your goals. For healing crystals, picture a perfect state of health, or visualize the disease evaporating away.

Enter into a meditative state

Once you have decided on a program, enter into a meditative state by relaxing, and using deep breathing exercises. This is where, if you have been a practitioner of meditation previously, it will now help you to enter a tranquil relaxed state easily.

Embedding your thoughts

programming-a-crystal.jpgYou should hold the crystal in your left hand (if you’re right handed), in an upright position, just like when you were clearing it previously. Bring your right hand to cup the termination of the crystal as shown in the diagram. Instill the program now, into the crystal. Crystal programming only works by visual programming, so make sure you use mental imagery only.

Your thoughts will flow as energy from your left hand into the crystal base and connect with your right hand, and form a current. The current and heat will reverberate through the crystal and excite the molecules within, causing the crystal to absorb and release your thought projection in a cycle.


Keep up the programming until you feel the crystal has absorbed your thought projections sufficiently, and repeat your programming frequently over many days. Each time, the programming should only take a few minutes – the key is to get into a relaxed state before you program the crystal.

What really occurs in crystal programming

You may or may not get what you desire, but what you are doing is actually programming yourself, and it is important to realize this. All this while, you are actually programming yourself to develop positive patterns of thinking, and the crystal is merely helping you do that. You will find that slowly, your mind subconsciously begins to set up the conditions for a desired materialization of your end goals, while the crystal amplifies your thought process. This then, is the whole purpose in programming a crystal – You are actually programming yourself!

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