Rose quartz: Stone for the heart

Rose quartz is quite a popular member of the quartz crystal family, and people almost always wear or carry it because it stimulates the heart chakra into being more receptive to love, as well as being more able to give love.

Rose quartz normally varies from a dark pink (almost flesh color) to a pale, golden white. It is often found as masses, or small grains, and only rarely, as normal quartz crystalline structures. The pink color comes about from the presence of iron, and sometimes, manganese. The more iron content it has, the more dark the pink, until it may resemble the color of raw flesh. In terms of hardness, rose quartz is 7 on the Mohs scale, similar to all other quartz crystals.

rose quartz crystal

It is the pink color of rose quartz, that is so conducive for the heart. In metaphysical belief, the rose quartz produces a calming and cooling energy which promotes gentleness in the demeanor, and appreciation for fine beauty and art. Although people always assume that rose quartz is for women, men can benefit from it too. It helps men to tune into their female side. For any being to function, both male and female aspects must be balanced, otherwise, problems will arise.

rose-quartz.jpgThe rose quartz is also good for promoting self love, which is often the root cause of many a psychological problem. The color of rose quartz corresponds perfectly to the heart chakra color of pink.

It can be worn as a pendant over the heart chakra, thereby benefiting the heart, everyday. Rose quartz possesses one of the best energies for emotional healing, although it isn’t obvious the first time you use it. It is truly, a stone for the heart.

For physical needs, rose quartz helps the physical heart to perform its functions better. Rose quartz is used in the treatment of burns, blistering, and general skin problems. It is excellent if consumed as an elixir (soaking the crystal overnight in distilled water). It is also useful for minor disorders of the kidneys, thyroid, and adrenal glands.

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