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Geode crystal formations

The geode formation is one of the most attractive crystalline formations you can find in the mineral world. They are cavities (often roundish in shape) inside rock which are lined with crystals, often in different colored layers. Such cavities are also called vugs. Not all geodes have an empty space within them; some geodes are solid cavities filled up with another type of mineral (like thundereggs). Geodes are common in sedimentary rocks, but can also be found in igneous rocks. Most geodes are comprised of quartz or chalcedony lining the interior, while the exterior is of another type of rock,
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The versatile calcite

Calcite (CaCo3) is a highly versatile crystal that comes in many types of colors and crystallized forms. It is too soft to be actually used as jewelry for the long term, having only a hardness of 3 on the Mohs scale. Its color ranges from colorless to orange, red, blue, green, down to black. Calcite is common, and occurs worldwide. It is found as masses, microcrystalline crystals, concretions, fibrous, and singular crystals (scalenohedrons and rhombohedrons). It is also soluble in hydrochloric acid, and can be burned in high flame, breaking down into carbon dioxide and lime in the process. Some
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