Applied Kinesiology and crystals

Kinesiology is a science involving the study of muscle movement, whether voluntarily, or involuntarily. Kinesiology is widely applied in sports science and orthopedics, but did you know that you can also apply it in conjunction with your crystals? “Applied Kinesiology” (or AK) is a variant of kinesiology. Using Applied Kinesiology to test the body’s muscle responses was originally conceived by George J. Goodheart, a chiropractor, in the early 60s and is now used by many chiropractors to gauge the health of the body based on the strength of muscle responses. Although often labeled a pseudoscience, there are some simple methods that anyone can use to test the workings of the subconscious mind on the muscles.

One method resembles using the muscles as a “body dowsing” tool. Basically, you’re trying to ask your subconscious a question, and getting it to respond via the muscles. If the answer is “aye/yes”, the muscles respond by strengthening, and if the answer is “nay/no”, the muscles weaken. This is also the same way by which dowsing Is typically carried out – with a “yes” or “no” question and answer format.

A simple test is to stand erect, raise your right arm so that is it parallel to the floor, and while holding a crystal in your left (receptive) hand. Reverse this stance if you are left handed. Ask a friend to push down on the right arm gently before and after holding the crystal in the left hand. Your friend needs to push gently down with just his right (or left) hand.

Ask your friend if he/she feels a difference in the muscle strength of the right arm while it is being pressed downwards, without and with a crystal in the other hand. Before holding the crystal, you are advised to silently “ask” your subconscious to assess whether the crystal being held is good for you or not.

If the crystal is good for you, your right arm will strengthen, and the other person who is pressing down on it will be able to full the difference, if compared with you not holding anything at all. This method can be used to “test” other objects as well.

Another method of kinesiology involves wearing something on your body (like a crystal), clasping both your hands together, and then getting someone to push or press down on your clasped hands to try to force them apart. Again, experiment with this method with and without wearing a crystal, and of course, silently ask your subconscious to confirm the answer for you.

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Applied Kinesiology can actually prove that negative thoughts have a way of weakening one’s body and health and are just overall bad. Try this experiment by directing negative thoughts towards someone and then conducting a kinesiology test. You will find that your muscles actually become weaker. Not only does it affect yourself, but if affects the other person too. Uplifting thoughts have the reverse effect altogether, strengthening one’s muscles. I do know if I intentionally indulge in prolonged negativity, I start feeling the worse for it sooner or later!

You can also use Applied Kinesiology to test whether a crystal needs cleansing or not. If a crystal contains a lot of negativity, it will show up in the muscle test, and that crystal definitely needs to be cleansed, of course! You could even use kinesiology at the beginning stage of choosing a crystal, to determine if a particular crystal is beneficial for you, or not.

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