Celestite metaphysical properties

Celestite is one of my favorite crystals for a reason. The name resonates with spiritual vibes, and it probably was named thus due to its properties of promoting greater sensitivity to celestial happenings and vibrations. The blue variety of celestite is amongst the most beautiful of crystals out there, possessing a pale, refined sky-blue.

Celestite is good for helping one to access the spiritual realms, and if you want to experiment with astral travel, it is a good stone for that purpose. Celestite helps to access the angelic realms safely, and provides for clarity and lucidity in communicating with angels.

If you own a celestite crystal, there is a fair chance you might accidentally chip it, since it is so soft. If you look at it a few months later, the crystal may seem to have regrown small terminations at the area that was chipped off. At least, that was my experience with my celestite crystal. Likewise, your celestite crystal may appear to have a mind of its own.

Celestite crystal

Above: My celestite crystal

Celestite is good for helping one to recall one’s dreams. As its name implies, it is perhaps closer to the astral regions than to the earth plane. It assists in realignment of the chakras and also in clearing them.

Celestite is good for creative artistic pursuits that require mental acuity such as fine artwork, graphic design, writing and music. It helps you to communicate them better to your chosen audience. If used for intellectual problems, it helps one to be calm and rational in finding out the solution, by stepping back and understanding all the plausible sides to the problem. So, although it is a stone for spiritual pursuits, it is equally good for intellectual activities. It helps one in preparing speeches and delivering them clearly.

Celestite has been used by metaphysicians to treat eye disorders, digestive problems and also to treat mental disorders. It works well in balancing the chakras by smoothing out disjointed energies.

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