Charging crystals

Crystals need to be charged often to keep their electrical conductivity in tip top shape. Charging also helps in discharging or dissipating negative energies contained within a crystal. Crystals that are used for healing purposes should be charged more frequently; after every healing session is best. Otherwise, once a week should be okay.

Ideally, they should be placed in sunlight, such as a window ledge, but this method may not be suitable for certain types of crystals that react to sunlight, amethyst being one of them (it turns white).

The main way of charging crystals is to place them on a crystal cluster since crystals mutually charge each other up when in close proximity. It makes sense to purchase a large crystal cluster for this purpose that has many intact terminations. Either an amethyst geode or a white quartz crystal cluster is most suitable for charging purposes. Place your crystal on the cluster for 24-48 hours.

Another way to charge crystals is by placing the crystal in the center of a circle of other crystals which are pointing towards the crystal being charged. The combination of in pointing energy from the crystal circle is more than sufficient to energize the center crystal.

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Categories: Crystal care and maintenance.