Crystal and gemstone cleansing

Crystals and gems vibrate to the energy of their handlers. It is believed that the atoms or molecular structure of everything around us is can be affected by thoughts, emotions and events. That is why, in metaphysics, thoughts are things.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.” This applies to crystals and the gemstone we wear, because our thoughts can be transferred to crystals. Crystals are able to store and conduct thought energy inside their molecules due to having the properties of both piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity. These molecules constantly vibrate in accordance with their handlers thoughts and as such, need cleansing from negative thoughts so that they can be used properly.

Crystals also need cleansing after being used for healing sessions. They absorb the negativity of the illness and the unconscious negative thought patterns, and therefore, should be cleansed regularly.

There are several ways to cleanse crystals, which depend in part on the type of crystal being cleansed. For example, copal (old plant resin) is very soft (hardness less than 4 on the Mohs scale), and should not be soaked in saltwater, and the same goes for fluorite, whose surface will be damaged by soaking in saltwater (turns cloudy).

Here are some methods to cleanse crystals

Cleanse with saltwater.

crystal-cleansing-in-salt-water.jpgThis is one of the most established cleansing methods. Soak your crystal in saltwater for at least 24 hours. This can be increased to 7 days if deemed necessary. Mix 3 teaspoons of natural sea salt to 4-6 pints of slightly warm water in a glass container (don’t use plastic containers). The water should cover the crystals totally, after which you should place the container in a place which receives sunlight; a window ledge would be suitable. Be careful with softer crystal forms as mentioned earlier. In general, crystals with hardness above 5 on the Mohs scale will not be affected by saltwater.

Cleanse with brown rice and scented herbs.

This method utilizes the purifying qualities of brown rice and scented herbs like sweetgrass, lemongrass, sage, and cedar. Smudge or pour an essence of a scented herb over the crystal, then soak it in brown rice for 1-3 days. The negativity is transferred from the crystal into the rice where it dissipates.

Cleanse with flowers and water.

Another method to cleanse crystals is to soak the crystal or gemstone in a glass container with distilled water or mountain stream water and lots of flowers (like rose petals, iris, honeysuckle, daisies, etc) for a duration of 24 hours. The flower petals absorb the negativity of the crystal while transferring their purity and innocence back into the crystal.

Cleanse with the breath and thought.

Cleansing with the breath and using thought projection is suitable if you have attained a certain level of spiritual development through daily meditation practice. It requires concentration throughout the entire process.

You need to attune to your crown chakra, and imagine it as the center point for the highest good in you, the seat where God’s divinity resides as a flame of fire. Take a few moments to let this reality sink in. Then, bring the flame down into your mouth and exhale sharply into the crystal. You can only cleanse a crystal by aligning yourself with God, meaning you need to be on the side of truth and Divinity, when you do this, or else it will not work at all.

So you say to yourself, “I cleanse this crystal/stone in the name of God/the highest good/etc, save for (any program you have programmed into the crystal) and may all negativity be cast out and taken to the light”. Say it mentally with your own words and intent.

Ultimately, the method of cleansing crystals or the gemstones worn, depends a lot on the user. The whole theory of cleansing crystals is based on the theory that thoughts are things, and can get imprinted in their surroundings.

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