Crystal balls

Crystal balls are carved crystals that are made to resemble a ball or sphere. Metaphysically, they possess the most harmonious of all the energies attributed to crystals. But in the case of quartz, crystal balls don’t occur naturally; they have to be shaped by a human hand. Most crystal balls today are made of quartz, which does not naturally occur as balls. This may be why, they seem to lose a little of their original native crystal qualities after being cut and polished into balls, but at the same time, become splendid tools in the hands of an experienced crystal worker.

Uses of crystal balls

Crystal balls have been used for eons of time as a means of scrying or obtaining spiritual visions. You may have seen the stereotype image of a gypsy woman with her crystal ball trying to predict the future. Successful crystal gazing involves having to enter into a deep meditative state, or basically, a trance-like state. In this state, when all external distractions and thoughts are removed, the crystal gazer may “see” images appearing in the crystal ball, while being quite oblivious to his/her surroundings.

Crystal ballDo note that the crystal ball itself has nothing much to do with the vision itself; it just serves as a focal point or medium to direct the attention or mental vision onto. During scrying, the vision is occurring within the person’s mind, not the crystal ball. The images are picked up by the Third Eye.

Crystal balls can also be used for energizing the place where it lies, and if worn or carried, they can energize the entire auric field. The larger the crystal ball, the stronger its energy amplification. When choosing a crystal ball for own use, try to obtain one that has been cut from natural quartz; synthetic quartz does not possess the same vibrational qualities as natural ones.

When held in the hand in meditation, crystal balls are great for helping the mind transition from an active to passive, yet aware state. When placed on an office desk or table, crystal balls help smoothen and harmonize the communication between everyone in the immediate area. The shape of the sphere lends itself with the vibrational qualities of quartz to harmonize surrounding energy.

quartz crystal ball

Crystal balls come are either opaque or transparent. You can get a cute and clear crystal ball from our store here. A word of note: The clear ones should not be placed in a sunny area because they can refract light and can cause a fire, as in this case. Clean and charge crystal balls the same way as you would with other crystals.

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