Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are famous throughout history as the magical tools of wizardry in countless tales of lore. Most of us have probably heard of crystal wands from fairy tales. You wouldn’t think that crystal wands existed naturally would you? But they do, in fact. Natural quartz crystal wands that exist in the exact shape and likeness of wands are quite rare, but they do exist – as prized, rare specimens of the crystal world.

I used to possess a crystal wand that was about 5 inches long, but unfortunately, it has disappeared from my collection inexplicably. The wand was exquisite and beautiful, but not in the conventional sense. It would reverberate to a tinkling sound if I flicked my finger at it, sounding like the sound of fine glass being tapped.

To be precise, it was a Singing Crystal which is also shaped like a wand. Singing Crystals have the habit of tinkling when they are gently tapped by a fellow crystal. I had this crystal wand some years back, but right now, it just cannot be found no matter how much I look. Sometimes, I wonder what actually was the *cause* of my crystal wand disappearing.

Just like a wand, the “perfect” crystal wand has an inverse tapering form from the base to the termination. Rarer, are crystal wands with a reverse taper that starts from the termination and ending at the base. Most usual crystal wands do not exhibit this kind of tapering.

natural-crystal-wand.jpgAmong crystal enthusiasts and practitioners, they are often referred to as Laser Wand Quartz Crystals. The surfaces of their sides often have etchings or markings and the angles of the sides are curved, never straight. Also, the sides are often frosted on the surface, at least on the main body, so it is quite hard to see through the crystal. From afar, they could be mistaken for being dirty. Crystal wands can be as large as over a foot or two long, or tiny enough to fit in your palm.

Some metaphysical believers hold to the theory that crystal wands were created by thought projection from aliens a long time ago. Others believe that the ancient civilizations of Lemuria used crystal wands extensively in everyday life. Many crystal wands are believed to be left behind by the Lemurian inhabitants when they left the earth, thousands of years ago. Certainly, their odd form is both peculiar and fascinating at the same time to anyone who sees them.

Here throughout, I’m referring to unpolished, naturally formed crystal wands, unlike the majority of “manufactured” crystal wands which are faceted and/or designed by man. Natural crystal wands are sourced mostly from a few select locations in Brazil, USA, and Europe. Due to their rarity, the majority of crystal wands in the market today are cut and fashioned by man.

Crystal wands are often fitted onto a rod, with copper wiring to better conduct electricity, and more elaborate designs include fitting them onto a gold or silver scepter with additional fittings from other crystalline material, like amethyst, agate, or jasper.

The fact is, most of the time, the crystal fitted at the end of the rod is not even by definition a wand crystal, but are just longish crystals that bear a slight resemblance to a wand. However, the main idea is to “create” a wand by fitting a longish crystal (not necessarily a crystal wand) onto the end of a rod, and voila, you now have – a crystal wand! Remember, natural crystal wands have a long tapering form, ending in a small termination.

The energy that flows through both natural and man made crystal wands is often pinpoint, and can be used to “cut through” confused problems or mental and emotional entanglements, and help us break free from them. Natural laser wand crystals emit much focused energy, and can be used to clear negativity, and beam energy to oneself or others. If used in conjunction with meditative visualization, crystal wands can also be very powerful tools to assist in the reaching of goals.

crystal wands

Amethyst crystal wands, which is not a common sight.

Expert crystal healers may use crystal wands to conduct psychic surgery on the chakras, and sometimes you may even read of some crystal practitioner using crystal wands to make rain clouds during times of drought. Such are their myriad range of uses. If you have in your possession a crystal wand, do count yourself lucky!

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