Crystals that are good for the pineal gland

The pineal gland is one of the most important endocrine glands in the entire body, along with the pituitary gland. It is responsible for the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, which also regulates the body’s circadian rhythm and its response to day and night cycles. Besides these duties, the pineal gland has also been linked to psychic or sixth sense development. So, keeping it in good working order is obviously important.

Daily, we are assailed by so many contaminants in our food and water that have a negative effect on the pineal gland. For example, much has been written about the fluoride content found in public drinking water and its negative effects upon the pineal gland. Fluoride as a mineral tends to accumulate within the pineal gland and crystallizes as tiny crystals which calcifies the pineal gland and hinders it from functioning properly. Many chemicals found in food also have a negative effect upon the pineal gland.

Could that be why insomnia is at such epidemic proportions in developed countries? When the pineal gland is weakened, it will not be able to produce enough melatonin and its role in supporting the psychic senses is dulled. So is there a way to rejuvenate the pineal gland? Yes, fortunately, there are crystals that are especially good for the pineal gland, and resonate with it.

Blue coral is one of the crystals that have good vibes for both the pituitary and pineal gland. For ages, coral has been used to develop the mystic side of the human psyche, and also for tissue regeneration, and blood circulation. Notice that the physical structure of coral is quite similar to the structure of the brain, which houses the pituitary and pineal gland; the brain coral for example.

Another crystal is the ametrine. Ametrine is a mixture of citrine and amethyst. What it does is its good for dislodging built up “grey” deposits of negative energy in our system due to the cleansing action of citrine in it, and because it possesses the vibrant violet qualities of amethyst, it can work on the pineal gland to slowly decalcify it.

Colorless quartz in its own right is also alright for the task, but there are 2 kinds that stand out in particular – The Transmitter quartz, and the Buddha quartz. These crystals if used in meditation, exercise the pineal gland by putting it straight to work, while providing for an intensification of personal energy.

The location of the pineal and pituitary glandsRemember that meditation with crystals affords a way for us to keep the pineal gland in good working order, even though we live in a toxic and stressful world. One of the commonest meditations is to visualize a beam of white light from the universe entering your crystal, which then amplifies it and beams it through your Third Eye (pituitary gland) and then into the pineal gland behind it.

Finally, take note that if you can’t afford expensive water filters to remove fluoride from your tap water, you can still do something about it by taking more iodine in Lugol’s solution, Iodoral or kelp (seaweed with high iodine content). Lugol’s solution is a standard potassium iodide formula containing 2-5% iodine, which may be mixed with an elixir and drunk first thing in the morning for a gradual, noticeable effect. Now why would you consume more iodine? The answer is simple. Iodine binds with fluoride in the body via chelation, and in so doing, helps remove it from our bodies.

Keeping the pineal gland in good shape is not a choice, but a personal responsibility. The pineal gland is the organ that works along with the pituitary gland to provide that much forgotten vital “skill” which humans have progressively lost over the centuries, namely the sixth sense. It reminds us that beyond the physical world lies another world or realm that goes beyond it, something which crystals do as well.

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