Dinosaur bones are not ordinary bones

When was the last time you went to a museum and observed the dinosaur bones on display? Pretty awesome to think that these were once living creatures walking the face of the earth. Dinosaur bones and other fossils in general, are the last vestiges of life from that time, that still survive till this very day. But they are no longer bones per se. They are all basically, crystallized rock.

How did these fossils come about? Dinosaur bones are ancient fossilized bones that turned into rock as a result of minerals seeping into the pores of the bones, replacing the inner structure over time, as the soluble calcium carbonate in the bones got dissolved in rain water, and gradually washed away.

The resulting fossil is usually largely composed of agate, which is one of the commonest varieties of quartz around. Other replacement minerals include calcite, opal, jasper, and normal quartz. These minerals almost always crystallize in massive form within the original bone structure, and well formed crystals are next to non existent.

t-rex.jpgDinosaur bones, and in some cases their fossilized eggs, are some of the records we have of these ancient creatures. There are also numerous surviving examples of ancient deep sea creatures, like trilobites. Complete dinosaur skeletons are very rare, and mostly wind up in museums or the homes of rich private collectors.

If you collect dinosaur bones, chances are, you will only be in possession of just bone fragments at the most. But don’t let that deter you, as each bone fragment in itself is highly antiquated and pulsing with ancient vibes. There is also the novelty aspect of dinosaur bones, which certainly makes for an interesting collection.

typical-fossil-for-sale.jpgMany specialty stores sell dinosaur bone fragments, and you can find quite a fair bit on eBay as well. In addition to bones, there are also resin fossils like amber, which may contain ancient insect inclusions. There are quite a lot of trilobite and ammonite fossils, which are often well formed and intact, as well as shark teeth and petrified wood, all of which make great collector items.

Metaphysical aspects

In metaphysical circles, dinosaur bones are believed to assist in the treatment bone disorders, and help in the growth of bones and the skeletal structure.

It is also said to stimulate travel, both mentally and physically. The use of dinosaur bone in meditation is believed to ease insight and mind travel, while at the same time, providing a grounding force to the meditator.

dinosaur skull

Dinosaur bones are relics from the past which provide an instant doorway to bygone times, and help the crystal collector gain an understanding of the role of evolution and the natural cycles of the earth. They are here to teach us that our existence on this earth is very much dependent on how we manage the present.

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