DIY Crystal Pendants

As we discussed earlier, wearing crystal jewelry is very useful for bringing the spiritual and physical benefits of crystals into your life, in a practical way. One of the most versatile jewelry is the pendant. A pendant worn correctly, sits on the heart chakra, the central chakra which sits between heaven and earth, and is therefore a great balancer of energies.

Besides the heart, the heart chakra also influences the thymus gland. The thymus gland has been called the seat of the soul and mystics believe it plays a large role in syncing and fusing the spiritual with the physical. From the physical point of view, the thymus produces important T-cells which defend the body against illness and disease. Wearing a crystal pendant over the heart chakra helps to keep the thymus gland healthy. And of course, one’s capacity to love and receive love is aided by the wearing of a crystal pendant.

Make a simple crystal pendant with copper wiring

Making a simple crystal pendant is easy as long as you don’t care too much about aesthetics and are more concerned about the benefits to your being. You don’t have to possess knowledge of jewelry craftsmanship or require gold and silver material to cap your pendant (copper is ideal).

Crystal pendant chain holes What you need are a small crystal which can be of any kind (quartz is most ideal), needle-nose pliers or tweezers, and 20 gauge copper picture wire about 15 inches long. For comfort purposes, the crystal should not be more than 2 inches, ideally 1-1.5 inches. If it is a quartz crystal, you can wear the termination pointing up or down, depending how much you want to ground yourself. The best types are double terminated crystals or Herkimer diamonds.

Cleanse the crystal, charge it up, and embed a program into the crystal if you wish. Cut the copper wire about 10 inches long and place the crystal at the center of the wire.

Wrap the wire at both ends around the crystal for at least 6-10 turns around it, while leaving the base of the crystal uncovered. Wrap the wire around the crystal as many times as required to secure it really tight. If it is a double terminated crystal, make sure to wrap around the center of the crystal, between both terminations.

Crystal pendant
Now bend both ends of the wire so that they form loops. A chain (it can be gold or silver or other metals) will be fitted through the loops, and after that, close both ends of the copper wire. And now, you have a homemade DIY crystal pendant!

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