Double Terminated Quartz Crystals

The double terminated quartz crystal is a quartz crystal with two ends that end in natural facets. Double terminated quartz crystals are rather rare specimens, and the rarest of all, would be the Herkimer Diamonds. Normally, these crystals form in free floating pockets of liquid that slowly evaporated, leaving perfectly formed crystals with terminations on both sides.

Unlike usual quartz formations which grow in igneous rock, double terminated crystals are more than likely found in sedimentary rock laid down by subterranean marine deposits a long time ago. Occasionally, rare clusters of double terminated crystals form – very unique!

double-terminated-quartz-crystal.jpgDouble terminated quartz crystals are becoming tough to find these days, due to high demand for them. Nowadays, their average size when available, is often less than 3 inches. You’d be really fortunate to own a large sized “Double,” or “DT” (double terminated) crystal.

The enhanced properties of double terminated crystals…

In metaphysical circles, double terminated quartz crystals are revered as having a much more enhanced healing capability compared to “normal” quartz types. They make powerful healing tools due to an ability to draw in, hold, and release energy from both their ends.

The energy moves outward in either direction, or in both directions at the same time. For this reason, DTs are favored for astral projection and meditation, both for easing the effort required to get into a deep state of mind, and to afford protection from mental/physical harm.

Double terminated quartz crystals are also excellent for sleeping and dreaming. Sleeping with one under the pillow, helps in dream lucidity and recall.

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