Druzy Jewelry

The word “druse” or “druze” pertains to a hard rock base (usually a sunken area) enclosed with small individual crystals, such those seen inside geodes. Gem minerals which display such characteristics are said to have a coating of druse/druze. Until about ten years ago, druzy crystals were not a very common form of jewelry. Now, the times have changed! Druzy crystals are in demand and many gem carvers and jewelry designers use it in their jewelry.

druzy lazurite stoneDruze gives the sparkling impression of small crystals over the surface of another mineral. It is very appealing when used in any jewelry. Druzy stones are not very costly like the big carved gemstones and yet, have good sparkle and can be cut into many shapes. The druzy gems take millions of years to grow and can be seen as the last layer of growth on another colorful surface of a mineral. Minerals that form druse include pyrite, gypsum, garnet, moonstone, calcite, malachite and dolomite. It is found in different colors like yellow, red, brown, orange, white, blue, etc.

Why are they popular?

Druzy crystals are not very expensive and it’s very easy to cut them into different sizes and shapes to give them a rich look. Often, agate forms the base, with the druze-coated crystals on the top. Beautiful and colorful druzy jewels are easily available at various mineral and rock shows/stores at very reasonable prices. Most commercial druzy crystals come from Brazil.

Types of Druzy Quartz:

There are two basic types of commercial druzy quartz sold in the gem market – Flat and Window Druzy. Both can then be categorized into titanium and gold types, although please note that these are manual enhancements. Both AA and AAA quality are seen in window and titanium druzy stones.

Usually, druzy crystal manufacturers use a process called “Chemical Vapor Deposition” coating process on their gemstones to embellish their appearance, with two kinds of quality types (AA and AAA). AA quality shows rough and slightly bigger sized crystals compared to AAA. However, important aspects are the size of the stone and the distribution of the druze. In AAA quality, crystals are small, having an even distribution of druze all over.

druzy jewelry pendant

Druzy amethyst pendant with a blue gemstone attached below

The Process of Druzy Quartz Formation:

Druzy gemstone possess a texture like a sugar-coated cookie. Normally, the base comprises natural agate overlaid with a fine covering of natural tiny crystals on top. When silica dioxide gets deposited by water over a long period of time inside the agate cavity, then this druzy formation comes into being. All the best quality natural druzy stones which are seen in the market are enhanced by a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), in which the druze is enveloped with gold and titanium glazing.

In the creation of these beautiful gemstones, some deposits and crystals leave behind a distinguishing hue. However, the color of the gem is influenced not only by the type of mineral of the base rock, but also by the kind of minerals which compose the druze. In addition, mist deposits of metallic components lead to other colors.

Druzy colors however can be enhanced. No matter what your preference, there will surely be a druzy bead fitting your preference. Druzy stone needs to be cut with utmost care as it can be easily damaged.

Metaphysical properties of Druzy Quartz

A druzy crystal has many metaphysical properties depending upon the mineral/gemstone it comes attached with. Generally for druzy quartz, it is believed to aid in detoxifying the body as well as enhancing its natural healing ability. It is also believed that the gem helps its wearer to remain calm and reduces stress. In metaphysics, this crystal is considered useful for clearing blocked energy, augmenting the circulation and reproductive systems. Some people even consider it useful in treating infections.

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