Finding Your Soulmate With The Help of Crystals

Crystals have long been used to find a partner or soulmate, according to history. If people were to be honest, most would answer that they hoped to find the right person to perhaps marry, or to be a partner for life. Crystals have long been regarded as being helpful tools to “program” the mind to accept such a situation, and to help bring it to fruition.

Some have commented that finding a soulmate is harder than finding a needle in a haystack, while those who were successful have alluded to the somewhat extraordinary circumstances in which they found their partners. Just like anything else in life, you can increase your chances of finding your soulmate if you can bring your mind to accept the reality of it at the subconscious level. This is where crystals can help, because you can program them, and in turn program yourself, to bring yourself closer to the actual reality of finding your soulmate.

Countless books and guides have been written on the subject, but the problem most people face is not knowing what they really want, or what to expect. Also, media and culture have programmed many of us to have unrealistic fantasies of perfection with regards to a “soulmate”.

Crystals can help us work through ourselves and in time, understand ourselves better. As a result of knowing ourselves more, we become more sensitive to our intuition, vibration, and thoughts, and thus will be more attuned to knowing when a potential soulmate crosses our paths. All of us are different and unique in our own way, and therefore we all have different life paths; no two people’s experiences will ever be alike.

twin crystalsYour personal crystal should be the crystal most suited to the task of bringing you closer to the reality of finding a partner who shares an affinity with you. Some techniques used in crystal work include visualizing a potential partner based on your own mental impressions, but this method has a major drawback – most people are not even close when it comes to knowing themselves, and will tend to have an unrealistic image in their minds of their potential soulmate.

Another method espoused is to put less emphasis on finding a soulmate, and more emphasis on improving yourself and loving yourself. Have you heard of the saying, “If you cannot love yourself, how are you going to love someone else?” Crystals can help those with issues in the heart center, or heart chakra, onto a path of greater self love. Don’t mistake this for selfishness though; there is a clear line in loving oneself, and being plain self centered and selfish.

The twin quartz crystal formation emphasizes the concept of a union between two distinct parties. You’ll recognize a twin crystal when you see one – Two or more crystals growing together into each other, in parallel and reverse alignment with each other. There is also another type of twin crystal called the Japan Law Twin quartz crystal, which is characterized by a crystal penetrating another. It’s easily seen in quartz clusters.

Twin crystals help us in forming relationships with each other at all levels, be it just friendships or meeting our soul mate(s). It is also good for group meditations and promoting group cooperation. A common misconception about soulmates is that soulmates need to be romantic partners; however, soulmates can also be a collective group working towards finishing a project or goal. Basically, there are many types of soulmates who represent different facets of life that cross our paths to jointly fulfill certain goals. Having a twin crystal around you can help you to recognize these relationships when they exist, and make them a success.

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