How do you choose a crystal?

I think it is high time to write about this most basic activity – How to choose a crystal. All aspects about using your crystal will only happen AFTER you have chosen a suitable crystal or gemstone for your needs and desires. Choosing a crystal is the first step to a lifetime filled with discovery.

When it comes to choosing a crystal, you need to apply intuition and gut feeling above all else. However, this mainly applies only for personal crystals. Personal crystals are the ones you carry around with you everywhere, and which are constantly within your energy field. If the crystal is just for the purpose of work, then “compatibility” does not matter as much as “usability.”

As far as using your crystal goes, you should also realize that needs differ from wants. What I mean by this is – the crystal may only seem to “work” for you for a certain period of time, and not for others. Today, you might feel attracted to rose quartz, because you need more pink in your heart chakra area, but tomorrow, it may be something else already!

Acquiring crystals from a shop

When you first enter a crystal shop, your mind may at first be overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of crystals and gems on display. This can interfere with finding the most compatible crystal. That’s perfectly alright. Most of us are quite out of touch with our inner beings, and it’s normal not to even feel anything at all!

Firstly, you should stand in front of the group of crystals and close your eyes and relax. Take a few moments to get as calm as possible. Next, open your eyes quickly and pick up the first crystal you see.

After holding the crystal for a few minutes, you may experience nice/positive energy vibrations, or negative energy vibrations. Positive vibrations usually take the form of pleasant feelings of compatibility, or even flashes of light/color across your mind. If negative sensations are felt instead, repeat the process until you find the “right” crystal.

amethyst faceted chunk

When it comes to crystals, appearances matter not. It may not look very nice, but it might be the right one for you. Here’s one of my earliest pieces, a faceted chunk of amethyst, certainly not a movie star in the looks department.

Acquiring crystals for another person

If you are buying crystals for another person, visualize the person for whom you’re choosing the crystal for, and project that visualization to a crystal. If compatible, the crystal will “respond” by reflecting back positive vibrations to you, which can be felt. Basically, it means “substituting” yourself with the other person, in your heart and mind, before and during the process of choosing.

Looks don’t count

It is important to remember that the most aesthetically pleasing crystal may NOT be the right one. Some of the most “magical” experiences people have reported, have come from downright ugly and understated looking crystals. An opaque crystal may actually be a more accurate reflection of your true self; the crystal often turns clearer when you become more “clear” within yourself, and progress spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

You will find that often, a certain crystal or gem may choose us, rather than us choosing it. Actually, you have to marvel at the workings of the inner mind. In practically all cases, you will find that a need has opened up somewhere in your life along the way, and your subconscious mind is the one responding to these needs by playing a more active role in putting you in touch with a suitable crystal – that can help you progress through a certain stage of your life!

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