How to prepare an elixir

What is an elixir?

An elixir is water that has absorbed the crystalline energies of the crystals soaked in it, and thus contains the essences of those crystals within it. It is believed that drinking an elixir passes on the energies of the crystals that have been soaked within the water to the human drinking it. This water is believed to boost the health of the person drinking it.

Also, plants and animals given such treated water have been shown to improve in terms of health, and overall condition. Moreover, tea and wine prepared with elixir water or treated with crystals, have been found to improve in terms of taste and clarity.

So how do you make an elixir?

making-an-elixir.jpgTechnically, an elixir is made by the simple placement of a crystal or gem in distilled water or unpolluted liquid (water is by far the best) under the moonlight/sunlight for at least 24 hours. The water should cover the crystal totally. Also, a glass container should be used; don’t use a plastic container for this purpose. You should also make sure, no metal should contact the liquid; this means no stirring of the water with a spoon!

The ideal location for placing the crystal and entire container should be on a window sill, as this allows the sunlight and moonlight to bath the container, and infuse the water with their energy.

Not all crystals are suitable for making an elixir. There are certain minerals that are soft (Mohs scale of 4 and below), or semi-soluble in water, and then there are others that contain toxic chemicals within them, which can leak out into the water.

For unsuitable mineral types, try placing the crystals in a small glass jar, and then placing the glass jar into another larger jar that contains the water. Although not so effective, since the water does not come into contact with the crystals, it’s still the best method to transfer the energies from these unsuitable crystals.

I find quartz to be the among the best minerals for making an elixir. You can also combine several crystal types together, or just throw in a bunch of polished rounded quartz pebbles in a glass jar for a quick and easy energizing drink.

Crystals can be programmed prior to soaking them. Programming crystals is a more directed way of getting the crystals to transmit their energy into the water. Without some form of conscious programming, the energy transmitted from the crystals is usually scattered and unfocused. If you just want a health tonic drink, then you don’t need to program your crystal – it will work fine. But if you want a more specific purpose, than programming is more effective in achieving the desired results.

I’ll talk more on programming crystals in future posts.

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