Labradorite – A very unique type of gemstone

Labradorite is a type of anorthite (plagioclase feldspar) mineral under the feldspar group, which crystallizes as either small grains, tabular crystals, or masses. It is frequently found as twins (two crystals joined together). The mineral composition of labradorite is a complex molecular bond of sodium, calcium, and aluminum silicates. – (Na,Ca)AlSi3O8

The hardness of labradorite is around 6 on the Mohs scale, and its physical properties vary according to the amount of calcium in it. It is not very heavy or dense, just like most feldspars. But, its chief uniqueness is its out-of-this world coloring; the color changes with the angle of light, and there is nothing quite like it.

Labradorite has very beautiful unearthly color, which is often a spectrum of iridescent light play, a refraction of light caused by its internal plate-like structure. For this reason, the most beautiful labradorite varieties are separately called spectrolite. This iridescent-like ability is also shared by other types of feldspar, like sunstone, and moonstone. Otherwise, the normal coloring of labradorite is a plain gray or dull, pale green color.

labradorite.jpgNamed after the region of Labrador, in Canada, from where it was first discovered, labradorite has since been found in other places like Norway, Sweden, and Russia, but high gemstone-grade labradorite is quite hard to come by. The most beautiful labradorite pieces are just perfect for jewelry, such as pendants and bracelets, and can be cut as cabochons to display their magical iridescence.

Labradorite is a stone for cleansing and maintaining the etheric body (aura) in good condition. It symbolizes both moon and sun, assisting with transition from one phase of life to another, and helping with the recognition thereof. It helps to provide clarity to the subconscious mind, and helps one to implement the inner messages to the real world.

The color of labradorite is regarded by some as extra terrestrial in origin, and is believed to contain some of that outer space vibes in its flaming spectral coloring, providing for enhanced “galactic” derived insight in meditation, and day-to-day life. It has qualities as a bridge between inner and outer worlds of oneself, and between the earth and outer space. As a stone for meditation, labradorite works great as a calming stone.


Labradorite’s colors can be highly eclectic or ethereal. I just love the colors, and used to own a piece weighing several pounds with such bluish shades.

Labradorite has been used in treating mental disorders, and to enhance the various body functions like digestion, metabolism, and eyesight. It is believed the flaming color display of labradorite assists with eyesight problems.

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