Quartz crystal cluster properties

The quartz crystal cluster formation is amongst the chief formations that are recognized by the preponderance of crystals in a cluster, appearing as a group type of formation in caves, veins, or geodes. Quartz clusters are formed from multiple crystals joined together at a common base and the sizes of these clusters can range from tiny, to massively huge. Besides quartz, other minerals can also form clusters. An example is selenite. Let us look at quartz crystal cluster properties in this article.

The quartz crystal cluster combines the group energy of the entire number of crystals in the cluster, and due to this, it is often used as a charger for recharging other crystals. The energy generated, is directly proportionate to the number and size of the crystals within the cluster. So, a small cluster having 50 crystals may have more vibrational energy output than a cluster having 5 larger crystals. Try running your hand over a large quartz cluster containing many crystals, you should feel the electrical energy pulsating like tiny little pinpricks on your palm.

They are widely used to bring qi to any corner of a house that needs them, and also to cleanse, charge, and activate single crystals. Under natural conditions, quartz crystals form clusters and are almost always found in clusters, which often line the insides of geodes or “crystal caverns” and veins in both igneous and sedimentary rock.

quartz crystal cluster properties

Almost all quartz crystals are found naturally occurring in clusters.

Quartz crystal clusters tend to bring the group energy of the crystals to the surrounding environment, the energy often extending a few feet away from the main cluster. They are good for enhancing group unity in organizations and in families, bringing harmony and cooperation to the atmosphere. Use them by placing a crystal cluster in the middle of a dining table, or placing a geode in a corner of your room which is needing more dynamic energy. You’ll feel the difference!

my quartz cluster

Here’s one of my quartz crystal clusters, with some examples of the bridge crystal formation and some quartzite druse on some of the crystal terminations.

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