Right handed and left handed crystals

Let’s look at the basic quartz crystal structure. Quartz is grouped under the hexagonal category of crystalline structures; structural models such as trigonal, isometric, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, hexagonal, and triclinic patterns. The basic quartz structure is a tetrahedron, which repeats itself by duplicating the likeness of a spiral within itself, turning either right or left.

A basic quartz crystal is composed of a point, 6 facets, the main body, and the base. There is however, a small window (the seventh facet) that sometimes occurs in some crystals. It’s not so rare as you think, but then again, it doesn’t occur in every crystal specimen.

quartz-crystal-structure.jpgThis window is shaped like a diamond and sits on the left or right hand side of the central face/facet of the crystal. This seventh facet may appear to be on the right hand side, or the left hand side of the crystal. If the window appears more to the right, the crystal is called a right handed crystal, and if the window appears more to the left, it’s called a left handed crystal. Other terms used for them are, Right Activation and Left Activation crystals.

Right handed crystal


Left handed crystal


The right handed crystal is better suited for the right hand side of the body and likewise, the left handed crystal is better suited for the left hand side of the body. In other words, these crystals influence the right brain and the left brain respectively (the human brain consists of both right and left sides).

For most regular, right handed people, the right side of the brain is the emotional, intuitive part. Logic and facts are not important for it, since it feels and receives more than it thinks. On the other hand, the left side of the brain is the logical, calculating, and rational side of the psyche. Just like yin and yang, these two sides of the brain make up the human mind.

Both right and left handed crystals can be used when you need to utilize more “resources” from one particular side of the brain. If you need to be more attuned to the surroundings, and encourage the psychic aspect of your self, then use the right handed crystal, and vice versa, if you need to do more sound logical thinking. Both right and left handed crystals are useful for aiding in brain disorders which affect the part of the brain opposite to that which they have direct influence.

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