Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz is quartz crystal that have the mineral inclusions of rutile inside them. Collectively, the type of quartz with needle-like inclusions like rutile, asbestos, goethite, epidote, or hornblende in them are called sagenite. Rutile is just one of the many types of inclusions that are found in quartz, but it is common enough to be seen in many a specimen in crystal shops.

On its own, rutile (TiO2) is mineral that crystallizes as elongated, prismatic crystals that are often striated. It is a very common mineral and therefore, often gets embedded in quartz.

Normally, rutile occurs in quartz as needle-like inclusions with a varied range of colors like dark red, black, yellow, blue, violet, green, and gold. Smaller, dispersed inclusions of rutile within quartz may also produce asterated quartz, which is quartz with a luminous star-like appearance on the surface, when light is shone on it. The combination of rutile and quartz is a dynamic combination indeed, and makes for a good tool; either for healing, or for furthering ones psychic abilities.

Rutilated quartz
Rutilated quartz can help facilitate meditation and astral travel. It helps connect you to your roots, both physically and spiritually, and also to get to the root of problems and solve them. The needle-like rutile crystals act like transmitters to both transmit and receive energy between your inner being and the universe.

rutilated quartz

Above: A rutilated quartz crystal point with the termination protected. This is a pale smoky quartz with rutile needles.

I have heard from some people, that rutilated quartz was helpful in their career and job prospects. The needles can most certainly signify the “connections” between two people, or two parties for mutual benefit. More than that, these rutile needles have been likened to Cupid’s arrows, or angel hair; they are believed to promote love and romance for the person carrying the crystal. Thus, rutilated quartz can be used to help connect you with a partner, soul mate, or friend. These sharp needles can also repel negative energy around ones person, protecting against psychic attack, much like the quills of a porcupine. Rutilated quartz can also be used to cleanse an area of negative energy, as well as other crystals.

As a healing crystal, rutilated quartz can be used to strengthen blood vessels and nerves. The best ones for this purpose are the specimens with dark red rutile. Rutilated quartz have been used to speed up the healing of wounds as well, as the rutile encourages the formation and binding of fibroblasts to seal the wound. Pregnant women can also wear or carry rutilated quartz to afford protection to themselves and their baby.

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